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We at All Secure IT Services understand the importance of privacy and security for law firms as we know the data you store are highly confidential and exposing them could possibly have ramifications. As American Bar Association mentions in their inquiry into cyber-security breach,

[Law] firms are attractive targets because they hold trade secrets and other sensitive information about corporate clients, including details about undisclosed mergers and acquisitions that could be stolen for insider trading.

In a privacy breach case Jason Shore and Coinabul, LLC v. Johnson & Bell, Ltd., Johnson & Bell got into a class action suit because they didn’t “adequately secure” their clients’ data.

Unfortunately, Defendant fails to keep its clients’ information secure. Defendant’s
computer systems suffer from critical vulnerabilities in its internet-accessible web services. As a
result, confidential information entrusted to Johnson & Bell by its clients has been exposed and
is at great risk of further unauthorized disclosure (if it hasn’t already been disclosed).

This case was ‘fatally flawed’ according to Al Saikali because “there was no attack or attempted attack on Plaintiffs’ information, let alone actual unauthorized access or acquisition of the information” but it still caused the firm loss of trust in the public’s perception, time to prepare their defense and in the end they have hired security professionals to fix the vulnerabilities.


We take security, your privacy and privacy of your clients very seriously. We setup the environment in such fashion that only you can access the information and we only manage it. You have the control. We also protect your information in transit and at rest whether located on server at your premises, cloud, backup or computers.

NextGen Security

AntiVirus has become obsolete as it does not detect problems that are new, unknown or coming from trusted sources, such as PDF document or a macro in Word/Excel.

NextGen Firewall combines the capabilities of traditional firewall and blocks unwanted traffic but also adds additional layers such as DPI or Deep Packet Inspection that does more than blocking traffic from undesired locations. It also inspects for traffic for malware exploit in progress as well as matches signatures for malicious payloads.

Premium Support

Lawyers are dedicated to their clients, to get them the best services and make sure they are covered from a legal standpoint. We at All Secure IT Services make sure that you are covered from the technology standpoint and do not face issues when you least expect to. Technology is often unpredictable and dependent on external sources but

  • tailored architecture and setup
  • advanced security
  • 24/7 monitoring and
  • quality support

can minimise any issues by more than 56% and improve security. So instead of fighting with your systems, we help to make them work for you so you can grow your firm and be of service to your clients.

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