We provide custom Cloud Services to suit your needs at affordable prices.

Why Cloud?

Cloud – that big fluffy thing floating in the skies or in this case, hosted services over the internet

Cloud means that your data and computing power is stored securely in a datacentre somewhere in Australia and you connect to it remotely from anywhere. You and your staff can work from home using their own devices without purchasing and managing expensive hardware and software.

Cloud vs In-House

Think of it like Netflix vs DVD or Blu-Ray disk. With Netflix you can watch anything, from anywhere on any device for a fixed monthly price but once you stop paying, there is nothing to watch. On the other hand when you buy a DVD or Blu-Ray, it’s yours and you can watch it as many times as you want, lend it to your friends and family and so on. Your library is also limited only to the titles you own.

With Cloud Services, you pay low monthly fee for access from anywhere, on any device. You also have the latest version of all the products, including modern operating system and highest quality security.

Hybrid Cloud

You can also migrate only part of your systems to the cloud or have there your backups and disaster recovery solution, ready to take over if things go wrong at your primary site.

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